Bengaluru: While India struggles to vaccinate its people, a class 12 student from West Bengal – Digantika Bose - has invented a mask, which she claims can kill coronavirus. 

As per India Today report, the mask has three chambers. There is a negative ion generator that filters the dust particles in the air. When the filtered air enters through the second chamber, it reaches the third one which is a chemical chamber containing a mixture of soap and water -- which she said could kill the virus.

"We know that soap water kills the virus, so when the air reaches the third chamber, the chemical solution has the potential to kill the virus," India Today quoted her as saying. 

On the other hand, if an infected person wears it, it prevents him from spreading the virus. 

The mask was designed during the first wave. 

She adds, "I made the mask during the first lockdown with whatever resources I had. I have always been interested in such things". 

She will be applying to relvant departments for trials. 

Digantika has a liking for such inventions. In fact, she had designed glasses that enables people to have a rear view without turning their heads. Such glasses help people venture deep into the forests by protecting themselves from wild animals. 

Meanwhile, several states have imposed severe curbs or lockdowns to check the spread of the virus. 

The states are also preparing to get large stocks of vaccines to get people inoculated. 

India started the vaccination drive in January by administering the doses to health workers, after which, people aged 18+ were asked to get jabbed.