Bengaluru: In what can be construed as an acceptance of massive threat (terrorism) to the lives of those visiting Pakistan, and also the ones living there, Bangladesh cricketer Mustafizur Rahman tweeted a rather helpless message to his people. 


This message, in no uncertain terms, validates India’s long-term stance that Pakistan is a haven of terror. India has also been a victim of the nefarious deeds of “terroristan” losing thousands of is civilians and even soldiers for decades together. Bangladesh will be touring Pakistan from January to April for T20Is, ODIs and test matches. 

If one were to go through the tweet in the context of the current political situation in India, in which the Modi government has enacted a Citizenship Amendment Bill to accommodate the persecuted minorities of Pakistan, Bangladesh and even Afghanistan, one would only second PM Modi and Union home minister Amit Shah’s steely resolve open up the doors of oppressed and subjugated people in the three countries. 

Additionally, both the countries are declared Islamic nations. Ironically, one Islamic nation (Bangladesh) doesn’t believe in the security features of another Islamic nation (Pakistan)! 

And when it comes to India, Bangladesh tour the country sans any inhibitions though it is a Hindu-dominant state. The Bangladeshi players feel at home when they visit Delhi or Mumbai or Bengaluru as they know that India is a garden of multiple religions, castes, faiths and beliefs and firmly know for themselves that the soil of India can’t be used for terror. 

Shyam Ponnappa, a former Ranji cricketer representing Karnataka, said, “Pakistan is trying to revive its cricketing ties with all test playing nations by inviting them to their home. They are trying to provide maximum security.  But with the past history of terrorism in Pakistan, it is only natural that players are apprehensive about touring their country and playing cricket.” 

Incidentally, when Sri Lanka toured Pakistan more than a decade ago, their players were attacked. And a few months ago, when Sri Lanka returned to Pakistan, it had a fairly depleted side, owing to security concerns.