Bengaluru: Days after the massive forest fire in Karnataka's Bandipur tiger reserve where several acres of forest were burnt to ashes, the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has suggested declaring forest fires a national disaster.

According to reports, assistant inspector general of forests said that the NTCA may consider proposing the idea to the ministry of environment, forest and climate to declare forest fires as a national disaster as it could lead to the formulation of a national-level policy.

Speaking to MyNation, wildlife activist Joseph Hoover said, "I would definitely say that it should be declared a national disaster. The occurrence is frequent. About 4,500 hectares of land being burnt would be considered 8/10 on a disaster scale. Fire can be controlled if the forest officials are committed and have some common sense. Though the benefits will not be much, the people will be aware of these incidents."

According to reports, forest fires is only being analysed on its spread and impact with suggested measure on how to tackle such incidents henceforth. The usual reasons for the spread of forest fires are reportedly, wind speed, soil moisture and air temperature.

The safety measures suggested are to hold campaigns in the villages alongside the forest, logistics to fight fire in the tiger reserve and to hold interstate meetings at regular intervals.