Bengaluru: In the true spirit of Ram Rajya, a state based on equality and harmony, Iqbal Ansari, who was one of the litigants in Ayodhya land dispute case, has received an invitation to be part of the bhumi pujan. 

The bhumi pujan will be done by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 5. Around 200 VVIPs have been invited for it. 

"I believe it was Lord Ram's wish that I receive the first invitation. I accept it. Hindus and Muslims live in harmony in Ayodhya. The temple's land is being worshipped and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is coming for the event to Ayodhya," Ansari said. 


"When the temple will be built, the fate of Ayodhya will also change. Ayodhya will become more beautiful and employment opportunities for the local population will come up as pilgrims from across the world will visit the town in the future," he added.

Ansari said people of Ayodhya follow the Ganga-Jamuni civilisation and there is no ill-feeling amongst anyone.

"The world rests on hope. I had said earlier that if there is a religious programme and if they call me then I will go. There are Gods and Goddesses of every religion and every sect in Ayodhya. It is a land of saints and we are happy that the Ram temple is being built," he said.
It was in November last that the Supreme Court of India ruled in favour of Hindus. While granting the site, the court also ruled that Muslims be given 5 acres of land in Ayodhya itself. 

Meanwhile, the temple city of Ayodhya wears a festive look as the bhumi pujan day nears. UP CM Yogi Adityanath is overseeing the preparations. The event also marks the beginning of the construction of the temple. 

The event has gained worldwide traction as the Hindu community in North America will hold special prayers to mark the event.