Bengaluru: India is fighting an additional enemy – locusts – along with the coronavirus pandemic. 

These locusts, which attack in swarms, eat up thousands of kilograms of crops, thereby making farmers accrue losses worth lakhs. 

However, the nation is fighting as one to thwart the consequences of the locust attacks and save its crops and farmers. 

But worse than the locust attacks are a few zealots and fanatics who ascribe religion and wrath of god to such attacks. 

Zaira Wasim, who quit Bollywood, saying that films were distancing her from Islam, has now reintroduced herself through her deplorable remarks on locust attacks. 

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She used the holy Quran to justify the locust attacks. 

She quoted a verse from the Quran, “So we sent upon them the flood and locusts and lice and frogs and blood: Signs openly self explained: but they were steeped in arrogance- a people given to sin.”

Naturally, Tweeple did not take kindly to her remarks. 

Surely, an attitude worse than the attacks themselves! 

Or do we say that this is just an endeavour and exercise in gaining attention and publicity? 

By the way, a locust or desert locust is a short-horned grasshopper. These locusts attack in swarms, that is they form a group, and in each swarm, they can number up to 80 lakh! And this is a phenomenal number. They feed together and breed together.

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Interestingly, their life span in not beyond 3 months!

Another interesting thing about these locusts, or to be precise, desert locusts, is that they are voracious eaters and can eat food that is equal to their body weight.

And in what seems shocking and perhaps, even amazing is that they can eat up food meant for 2500 people on a daily basis!

Now, you must have understood the magnitude of the problem! In states like Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and even Uttar Pradesh, they are destroying crops literally!