Bengaluru: As politicians, one might have different views based on the ideologies one propagates. But when it comes to assault and heckling, irrespective of the ideologies and differences, such hooliganism has to be condemned without fear or favour. 

At least, this is how sane democracies work. But when it comes to Congress and its coterie, they throw away all political etiquette to the dustbin. Instead, they use the incident to further their vindictiveness and derive some sadistic pleasure. 

Cutting the long story short, the way journalist Arnab Goswami was heckled mid-air on a flight to Lucknow from Mumbai has exposed how intolerant the Left-leaning Kunal Kamra is. He not only endangered his life but those of others as well, as he gave savoir faire a miss. 

But what comes worse than this hooliganism is the attitude of the Congress and its cohort. 

As the video of the thuggish Kunal Karma’s misdemeanour went viral, the Congress issued support to him. And as expected, Shashi Tharoor, who has been exposed by Arnab Goswami a number of times, was in the vanguard. 


Another peddler of fake news, Ashok Swain mocked Arnab for remaining surprisingly quiet before the cameras. 


Another journalist Shivam Vij termed Arnab a “mountain of poison” and certified that the journalist deserves such antagonism. 


A thuggery of the worst order, Kunal Kamra unleashed a volley of abuses against Arnab on the Indigo flight. 

Right throughout the sojourn, Arnab kept appreciably quiet, maintaining his poise and refusing to retaliate, irrespective of the provocations. At one point in time, it is reported that Kamra even wanted to get physical with Arnab, but thanks to the intervention of the crew, nothing untoward happened. 

Kamra now has been grounded by three airlines – SpiceJet, Indigo and Air India – as a punitive measure for endangering the lives of passengers.