Bengaluru: India is a democratic, secular country. All religions must and ought to be given equal importance. But sadly, and on the diametrically opposite side, secularism to many has been nothing short of Hindu bashing. 

An interesting tweet that was going viral proves our point. 


None dares to criticise Islam in Pakistan because it’s the state religion. But though Hinduism is the majority religion in India, you can certainly criticise it. But again, you cannot criticise it in Pakistan because it is not a majority religion, but in India, as Islam is a minority religion, you can’t criticise it. 

For example, take the topical issue of the Kashmiri exodus into consideration. 

It’s been thirty years since the most horrific genocide against the Hindus was perpetrated. But even to this day, Kashmiri Pandits have not seen a safe return. 

They were shot, thousands rendered homeless and many were forced to convert to Islam. History shows that people were even prevailed upon to change time to Pakistan Standard Time and offices and other buildings were painted green. 

And if you turn your gaze to the anti CAA, NPR and NRC protests – be it any place – the protests have seen massive affronts being heaped against Hindus and Hinduism. 

You could see the holy Swastika, the holy Om being manipulated to represent the Nazi Swastika, the chants of ‘Hinduon Se Azadi’ renting the air. 

In their hurry to criticise the CAA, some even went to the extent of setting fire to Hindu gods and goddesses. 

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Just imagine what would have transpired if anyone dared to insult any other religion! 

Hinduism is a religion that has been accommodating more and more people over the ages. Followers of the religion have multiple beliefs, a myriad cultures and innumerable ways of worshipping the same God through different ways. 

Known for its accommodative nature and massive tolerance, there is a growing feeling now these are being misinterpreted as weakness.