Bengaluru: As Coronavirus spreads its deadly tentacles from China to other parts of the world, devouring more than 3000 people globally and more than 70 positive cases in India, the world is indeed under the grip of the pandemic.

Yes, Coronavirus is a pandemic now! The World Health Organisation has officially declared it to be one now! 

Hey, but wait! What’s a pandemic? How does it differ from an epidemic or for that matter, endemic? 

Sounds confusing? Don’t worry! We will make matters simpler for you! 

Epi means “among” in the word Epidemic. 

In simple terms, Epidemic is a widespread infection or disease prevalent in a particular community simultaneously. 

So for example, you can say influenza hitting United States in a particular month. 

Now, about Endemic. 

Endemic means “in” in the word Endemic. 

In simple terms, Endemic refers to diseases regularly found among people in a particular area or particular people. 

So you can say, for example, polio remains endemic to Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan. 

Lastly, Pandemic. 

As the word suggests “Pan” in Pandemic means “all”. 

You can easily say that when an infection spreads to other parts or the world like the Coronavirus has done from Wuhan in China to other parts like Italy, France, India and the United States, it becomes a pandemic. 

Meanwhile, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged his fellow citizens not to panic and avoid non-essential travel overseas. He also added that none of his ministers will be traveling abroad. 

Another important development is the ministry of external affairs advising the BCCI not to hold the Indian Premier League. 

The tournament is scheduled to begin on March 29 and end by the end of May, with as many as eight teams taking part in it.

As of now, the number of positive Coronavirus cases in India stand at 73, with Kerala having the highest number of cases at 17, followed by Maharashtra, with 11 cases and Uttar Pradesh, which has 10 cases.

As per government sources, as many as 10 lakh people have been screened for the virus. The government has made elaborate arrangements for people at airports to undergo the screening tests.

Meanwhile, Jaishankar, MEA, said, “All the cases so far have come directly from those who have a travel history. In doing so, we are clear that we will do whatever must be done to ensure that the spread of coronavirus is restricted and the health security of India ensured.”

The government has suspended all visas except those of officials.