Bengaluru: For Dinesh Madan, Monday (September 2) was a day he would like to forget. 

As the Motor Vehicles Bill came into force on September 1, the traffic cops found him not carrying relevant documents and most importantly, found him not wearing a helmet! 

The result? The cops fined him an exorbitant Rs 23000! 

As per ABP News, the cops caught the motorcyclist, identified as Dinesh Madan, and issued a challan on Monday for not carrying the documents including his driving licence, registration certificate of the motorcycle and the pollution certificate. As per the report by IANS, Madan was riding without his licence for which he was fined Rs 5,000, Rs 5,000 for not producing his

Registration Certificate, Rs 2,000 for not having a third party insurance, Rs 10,000 for violating air pollution standards and another Rs 1,000 for not wearing a helmet. 

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Dinesh Madan said, “I have not violated any traffic rules. They asked me to produce the documents in 10 minutes, which was impossible. They stopped me for not wearing the helmet and said that I have been penalised Rs 1,000 for that.” 

But the policeman on the spot said, “As Madan was not wearing his helmet, he was stopped by the on-duty traffic personnel. He was unable to produce his documents, when asked. Hence, the challan was issued."

On the other hand, two states - West Bengal and Rajasthan - have refused to implement the Act saying it needs to be looked into more thoroughly. Till then, they say the existing rules will be honoured.