Bengaluru: The arrest of 6 SDPI supporters from Bengaluru a few days ago revealed a shocking detail that they had hatched a plan to assassinate two Hindu leaders – BJP South MP Tejasvi Surya and orator Chakravarthy Sulibele. 

The assassination was supposed to take place when the two leaders addressed a pro-CAA rally in front of Town Hall on December 22. But fortunately, the plan didn’t materialise, courtesy: the robust security blanket thrown around them by the Bengaluru police. 

While the Bengaluru police continue to investigate the 6 suspects, another shocking plan has emerged. This time, it’s not about the nefarious deed to eliminate dignitaries, but it’s much bigger and much worse! 

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As per a Kannada daily Vijayavani, the SDPI supporters have made no bones in telling the cops that they have strong intentions to Islamise India by the year 2048. 

They have further revealed the fact that they have been perennially working on these lines and have held several meetings in this regard. 

The project titled ‘M-Code’ attracted those youths who had the propensity to paint the entire country green and promulgate Islamic traits and tenets. 

Additionally, the paper adds that a stipend-like amount of Rs 10,000 was being given to the youths. The youths were also prevailed upon to unleash terror-like acts in public and create a lot of confusion. 

That apart, the police have also dug deeper into the list of Hindu leaders that these suspects wanted to target. As a precautionary measure, the police have thrown a security blanket around them. 

Sreenath Sheshadri, a BJP spokesperson said, “These are all misguided elements who are not educated and some of them have got a wrong concept about religion. They really don’t have to think on narrow levels. It is not a healthy discussion. Why Congress should support such antisocial elements?”