Bengaluru: In yet another move to improve the prospects of farmers in our country, the Union government has decided to upgrade storage systems. 

These storage systems will be on par with the best in the world and will meet the requirement of Warehousing Development and Regulation Authority. 

Such a move has more benefits than one. It will help farmers get better returns, apart from strengthening the system. 

Ind Samachar adds that the department of food & public distribution has pushed for an ambitious plan through Food Corporation of India (FCI) for the development of about 100 silos with capacity of 35.875 LMT (Lakh Metric Tonnes), which will be road fed and will work on ‘Hub and Spoke’ model. A road map of the same is already in place and work has started in all sincerity, quoting sources. 

It adds that several warehousing corporation houses have begun registering, with an aim to deliver world-class facilities. 

Modi government and agriculture reforms: 

The union government has brought in three laws which will enable farmers to sell their produce seamlessly and profitably.

With the introduction of these laws, the farmers will be enabled to sell their produce at better rates to private players. However, one should note the mandi system or APMC will continue to remain functional and the practice of minimum support price (MSP) will continue as usual.

Such a safety net means that the private players will have no hegemony on setting the prices. In the unfortunate event of private players buying the produce at cheap rates, the farmers will always have the recourse to go back to the APMCs and sell their produce at MSP.

Such reforms, due for a long time, will enable and strengthen the farmers to earn more and enjoy profits.