Bengaluru: The ruling, or perhaps, the ruing Karnataka state government with JD(S) and Congress as its members has always been experiencing turbulence ever since it formed in 2018.

Today (July 1), it got a further shock as Anand Singh, the Congress MLA from Vijayanagara (Ballari) tendered his resignation, owing to alleged negligence of the Ballari region in the state.

The leader resigned because he felt that Jindal company had received preferential treatment by the government. He said, “I had said earlier that if Jindal Steel had got a lease-cum-sale deed, then I would resign. This is against the interest of the state. I had requested the government not to go ahead with the deal. It was the responsibility of the state government to ensure that the interests of the subjects were not compromised.”

Interestingly, even as Ananda Singh tendered his resignation, the speaker Ramesh Kumar of the Karnataka Assembly said he did not receive any.

So it is learnt that Anand Singh visited Vajubhai Vala, the Governor, and gave him a copy of his resignation.

Singh said, “I met the Governor and I want to tell the media that I have tendered my resignation and I gave a copy to the honourable Governor. I will give a copy to the Speaker as well.”

To a question on whether he would join the BJP, he said nothing of that sort was on his mind.

Singh further claimed that he had given a clarion call to leaders from Ballari, cutting across party lines to fight against the deal awarded to Jindal Steel.

It might be recalled that Anand Singh had a tiff with another Congress MLA JN Ganesh (from Kampli) and had gotten into fisticuffs. He was even admitted to a hospital after he received injuries on his face.

With his resignation, the coalition government becomes all the more vulnerable.