Bengaluru: As Narendra Modi government completes one year in its second term in office, Union home minister Amit Shah took questions on a myriad issues ranging from border rows to migrant issues. 

On the issue of those who challenge the unity and integrity of India, he said, “No free hand will be given, whether it is Sharjeel Imam or 'Bharat Tere Tukde Honge' conspirators. Whoever challenges the unity and integrity of the country, Modi govt will ensure there are repercussions.” 

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On the issue of migrant labourers: 

“Rs 11,000 crore by the Central govt was sent to states to take care of all migrant workers in camps. While we agree that there have been some communication gaps, we must also understand that buses and trains have been ferried regularly to send these workers back home. 41 lakh migrants were sent by buses. 3,968 Shramik Specials have been run to send back 54 lakh migrant workers.”

On the issue of borders: 

“India has never adopted an expansionist policy. I clearly state that whether it’s surgical strike or airstrike, violations of India’s borders won’t be tolerated and neither will attacks on India’s territory. We don’t covet anything of anyone’s.”

On making India a manufacturing hub: 

“We want to make India a hub of production. If the person of the country decides that we will use only the things made in India, then our economy will get great momentum. We will move towards self-reliant India and Vocal for Local.”

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On the issue of abrogation of article 370: 

He said, “Terrorism in the valley is at historic lows. He also said that Article 370 was the biggest reason for the youth moving towards separatism.”

On Palghar: 

“The central government is not sitting silently. The High Court has taken cognisance of the matter. It is a serious matter and the government will not sit silent as mute spectators.” 

He was giving his reactions to Republic TV.