Bengaluru: The last few days leading up to the Delhi polls have seen pseudos target BJP MP and junior finance minister Anurag Thakur for his alleged incendiary remarks. 

However, video proof shows he never urged the audience assembled to kill or target anyone. He just said, “Desh ke gaddaron ko…” to which the audience had their own views. 

Now, in what comes as a pleasant and strident move, none other than Union home minister Amit Shah himself put an end to such shouting. 

In an election rally in New Delhi earlier on Wednesday, while Amit Shah was addressing a crowd, the crowd chanted, “Goli maaro.”

At this juncture, Amit Shah said, “Arre suno bhai, suno bhai… Button dabao.” He later added “Bewakoofi band karo na bhaiyya”, as reported by a popular website. 

The home minister Amit Shah also warned that his government would put the likes of Kanhaiya Kumar behind bars if they are voted to power. 

He said, “Give us a mandate. In an hour’s time, after our government is formed, these three will be jailed as prosecution permission for them will be given by BJP.”

The Arvind Kejriwal government is yet to give its sanction to prosecute Kanhaiya Kumar in the infamous JNU sedition case. The law mandates that the state home department give its permission to prosecute people in issues relating to sedition and the like.  

As regards Shaheen Bagh, Sharjeel Imam, an ex-JNU student had shouted that Assam and the northeast had to be cut off from the rest of India. 

Presently he has been arrested and investigations are on. 

Interestingly, Kapil Gujjar, the accused shooter in the Shaheen Bagh firing incident, is a member of AAP. As soon as the Delhi police revealed this fact, Kejriwal has come out in the open and asked for a strict punishment.