Bengaluru: A robust policy combined with a steely resolve to take the persecuted minorities into their fold and offer them shelter to lead a life of dignity and respect is what Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union home minister Amit Shah exemplify. 

The issue of the Citizenship Amendment Act is now sub judice. The top court of the country will continue hearing the case on January 22. Meanwhile, orchestrated protests continue to rock the country, with vandalism and hooliganism ruling the roost. 

But these organised and fake protests have not impacted the duo of Modi-Shah in the least. 

Amit Shah thundered two days ago thus, “Even if all these parties come together, BJP will not move back even an inch on this issue of the Citizenship Amendment Act. You can spread as much misinformation as you want.”

Indeed, when the going gets tough, the tough get going! The latest link in the long chain of hostility being shown towards the central government is the resolution passed by the Kerala government pleading the central government to revoke CAA. 

Apart from Kerala, a few other states too are mulling moving such a resolution, but even a legal novice would understand the fact that such a resolution has no legal sanction. As per article 256 of the

Indian Constitution, states are bound to implement laws made by the Parliament. Moreover the issue of citizenship falls under the Union list, which is ultra vires for any state government to touch or debate. 

However, if the states do have a grouse over such issues, they can write to the central government and knock on the doors of the court. 

To say that they (CMs of different states) will not implement the law is rank disobedience to the laws of the land. 

But as smart as they are, the Modi-Shah duo are devising an online procedure to pre-empt the role of the state governments and grant citizenship directly under a central officer.