Palamu: BJP president Amit Shah on Saturday, during the rally at Jharkhand’s Palamu, hit out at the Congress saying how the grand old party failed to remove poverty.

Shah pointed out that though several leaders took up the helm of the party, poverty was never eradicated.

"All Congress leaders talk about poverty eradication. This has been happening for the last five generations. Jawaharlal Nehru has said garibi hatao, Indira Gandhi has said garibi hatao, Rajiv Gandhi has said garibi hatao, Sanjay Gandhi has said garibi hatao, Sonia Gandhi has said garibi hatao, however, poverty was never removed. It is only Narendra Modi who has taken concrete steps towards eradicating poverty. He will be providing electricity, toilets, gas cylinders and drinking water to every household in the country by 2022,” said the BJP leader.

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Shah also vehemently criticised Congress president Rahul Gandhi and his irresponsible nature. Addressing the large gathering at  Palamu, Shah said, “PM Modi has been working for the nation for the past 20  years. In these 20 years, he has never taken a day's holiday. However, the mahamilavat's leaders, especially Rahul Gandhi goes on a holiday every two months. Not only his mother is worried, but every MP is also concerned.”

Shah also lambasted the mahagathbandhan leaders for their lack of decision making capability. The BJP president said that how the alliance doesn’t have a concrete face and Akhilesh Yadav, Mayawati, Chandrababu Naidu would take turns at being Prime Minister of the alliance's government.

On Friday, suspected Maoists triggered a blast in an election office of the BJP at Hariharganj area of the Palamu district.

"Preliminary investigation suggests that armed rebels came on motorcycles around midnight, planted a bomb inside the party's office and triggered the blast," Chhatarpur sub-divisional Police Officer Shambhu Kumar Singh said.