Guwahati: Union home minister and BJP president Amit Shah said on Monday (September 9) that the Centre intends to expel all illegal immigrants from the entire country, not just from Assam. "Our intention is to expel illegal immigrants from the entire country and not just Assam," he declared. 

Amit Shah said, "I want to clearly say that not a single illegal migrant will be allowed to stay in the country by the Government of India. That is our commitment." Amit Shah said that North East Democratic Alliance (NEDA) was set up to take NDA to the grass root level. 

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Addressing the 4th conclave of the North-East Democratic Alliance (NEDA) Guwahati, the home minister said that entire North East has become free from Congress' clutches. He said that the Congress, during its rule in the North East, didn't do any development works. He said that the Congress party has complicated the problems in North East for their personal benefits.

Amit Shah added, "Let me clarify this. (Articles) 370 and 371 has no relation. The citizenship bill will not hurt (Article) 371, the Government of India will ensure this. We will ensure it does not infringe our tribal laws." The Union home minister has also assured that the Centre had "no plan to abrogate Article 371" of the Constitution, which gives North-East its special status.