Bengaluru: Maybe, there are a series of protests nationwide against the Citizenship Amendment Act, but they have only increased Union home minister Amit Shah’s dogged determination! 

Speaking at a pro-rally at Lucknow, Amit Shah said, “Let it be very loud and clear to our opponents that the citizenship law won’t be rolled back at any cost, irrespective of the protests.”

He further added, “The anti-CAA parties are spreading propaganda and spreading illusions that’s why the BJP is running the Jan Jagran Abhiyan, which is a public awareness campaign against those who break the country.”

He also threw a challenge to publicly discuss the Act. 

He said, “I have introduced this bill in the Lok Sabha. I want to tell the opposition that you should discuss this bill publicly. If it can take citizenship of any person, then prove it and show it.” 
The home minister also questioned those who did not speak a word on the atrocities committed against minorities in Pakistan. In this regard, he said, “The blind and deaf leaders can’t see the atrocities heaped on these persecuted minorities.” 

Amit Shah also took on Akhilesh Yadav, the former UP CM. He said, “Akhilesh ji you keep talking through scripted speeches. I dare you to speak independently for five minutes on the citizenship issue.” 

Amit Shah also lamented the decline in population of minorities in the three countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. 

He said, “At the time of partition, Hindu, Sikh Buddhist and Jain constituted 30% of the population in Bangladesh and 23% in Pakistan. But today it’s just 7% & 3% respectively. Where have these people gone? Those who are protesting against CAA, I want to ask them this.” 

Shah also did not miss out on an opportunity to hit out at the Congress for the sins it has committed. 

“The sins of the Congress have led to the division of India on the basis of religion. The number of minorities in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh continued to decrease. Where did these people go?

Some were killed, some were forcibly converted,” he added.