Bengaluru: With instances of stubble-burning increasing, the pollution level in Delhi, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh is terribly bad. 

People are forced to stay indoors as exposure to such toxic air can have disastrous effects on the human body. 

While people are forced to stay indoors, a tenth grader from Kanpur has designed an air purifier. 

Mayank Saxena, hailing from Kanpur, has designed this air purifier which is cost effective as well as efficient as any other good air purifier. 

Knocksense notes that the cost of developing this air purifier was just Rs 2,000. It adds that the air purifier is also being vouched as a better deal than any other purifier available in the market, in the range of Rupees 10,000-12,000. This utility machine is easy to carry around which makes it a perfect fit for your homes, offices and workstations. The air purifier works on four batteries (9V-12V), which are connected to the solar panel. It uses HC-05 for Bluetooth connectivity.

It is of pertinence to note that the air quality of Kanpur is very unhealthy and not everyone can afford expensive air purifiers which is why this invention is a game-changer! This is a convenient and affordable alternative to fight air pollution in the city and given the age of the inventor, it surely deserves praise and all the attention. 

A note on worsening air pollution: 

As the air gets more and more unbreathable, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has asked states to ban bursting firecrackers. 

These firecrackers can emit fumes which are as toxic as the consequence of stubble-burning or more. They can also add to the worsening air in the region. 

A note on mitigating stubble-burning consequences: 

The Uttar Pradesh government has introduced a scheme in which stubble can be exchanged for cow dung. While the stubble can be decomposed, cow dung can be used as fertilisers.