Here is a golden opportunity for foreign nationals and Americans to learn Hindi. The Indian embassy has started free Hindi classes for Americans and foreign nationals. This decision comes after observing their keen interest to learn the language and enhance their understanding of India's eclectic culture.

From January 16, free Hindi classes would be imparted by Moxraj, a teacher of Indian Culture at the embassy.

"India's global reputation has grown immensely over the years. People want to learn Hindi to get the right information about India. Interest in Hindi has increased among crores of people to increase knowledge about India's art culture, architecture, family system, married life, Hindi film, yoga-meditation, cooking, politics and business," Moxraj said.

For the last two years, the Indian embassy has been conducting free Hindi classes in the mission to teach the language to the citizens from different countries. Moxraj added that the popularity of Hindi in America is continuously increasing.

It also partnered with renowned American higher education centres like George Washington University and Georgetown University.

The Indian embassy is also considering a special plan to connect the new generation of America with Hindi.

Many organisations of Indian origin in America are also trying to promote Hindi through Kavi Sammelan and various types of Hindi competitions.

Hindi and Sanskrit are also being taught at various places and Shlokas of Gita are also taught, Moxraj said.


Moxraj, the first cultural diplomat appointed by India at the Indian embassy in Washington DC, has been appointed by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations as an Indian culture teacher.

He teaches Hindi, Indian culture, yoga and Sanskrit in many American States like Washington DC, Virginians, Maryland, West Virginians, and Kentucky.

He has also led the Yoga Program of International Yoga Day 2018 and 2019 organised by the Indian embassy.

With PTI inputs