Bengaluru: Ajay Swami, hailing from Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan is a role model. 

He grows aloe vera in his land, earning lakhs together. 

It was not an easy life for Ajay. He comes from a financially poor family. 


He used to work as a dish-washer and then work in a tea shop. But he did not make any profits. It was indeed tough for him to lead his life.  

He says, “All I had was two bighas of land. We used to do traditional farming on it. It was not making any profit. At that time, Ayurvedic products of Ramdev Baba were in discussion. I thought why not plant such plants, which are in demand in the market and can also produce health related products. Then I thought of starting aloe vera cultivation”. 

And after he decided to cultivate them, he did not know how to get them. 

Fortunately, someone told him that they were available in a cemetery. He brought them, and with much difficulty, sought information on how to grow them from experts. 

Later he also learnt how to sell them. He started making juice and selling it in bottles. Slowly but surely, the number of customers increased. 

After a few years, he launched his own company. He says, “I registered a company called Natural Health Care. Then applied for food license. After getting the license, my entire focus was on processing aloe vera. I went on to launch new products one after the other. Today I prepare 45 things like sweets, shampoo, conditioner, juice, soap, toothpaste. I supply my products in many big companies. Many people also order over the phone”.

Presently, he cultivates aloe vera on 30 acres of land and employs 3-4 people as well. One of his widely popular products is the aloe vera laddoos, which are in great demand.