Bengaluru: After massive uproar over Andhra Pradesh chief minister Jagan Reddy’s decision to sell off 23 TTD properties in Tamil Nadu, sources tell us that the government has buckled under pressure and is doing a rethink on the same. 

As reported by Times Now, YV Subba Reddy, chairperson of TTD has assured that the decision will be reviewed in the next board meeting. 
Earlier, a government order had decided to dispose of as many as 23 unviable properties which are not maintainable in Tamil Nadu. 

However, as the news of disposal went viral on social media, scores of Hindu devotees lodged their protest, asking the AP government as to how it can go ahead with properties donated by devotees and sell them. 

Some even went to the extent of alleging that these auctioning and selling processes are orchestrated. It was even alleged that Christians would purchase these properties and plan ways to build a huge church near Tirupati Devasthanam. 

While some wondered this way, others, out of indignation, went a step ahead and questioned the government of Jagan as to why only Hindu temples were being attacked and targeted while properties of churches and mosques were left untouched.

A few others also went to the extent of saying that the Jagan government would pay a salary of Rs 10k for imams, Rs 5,000 to pastors, Rs 5,000 to Moazins and zilch to temple priests. 

They also added that Jagan gives Haj subsidy, Jerusalem subsidy but nothing to Hindus for their teerth yatra. 


While this is the story in Andhra Pradesh, it is no different in Kerala. It is being alleged that lights and lamps in more than a thousand temples in God’s own country were being auctioned to fetch money to tide over the coronavirus crisis. 

It is needless to say some wonder if secularism in India is Hindu bashing!