New Delhi: After India had exposed that a rogue Pakistan had violated its agreement with the US in using F-16 fighter jets to attack India, Pashtuns, who have long been fighting for freedom from Pakistan, have said that the country has been using the jets against civilians for a long time and called for a United Nations inquiry in the matter now.

The Pashtun leadership has called for a UN inquiry into the matter alleging that this was the latest misuse of the fighter jets, and that Pakistan has been consistently using them to harass the Pashtuns, who are not terrorists.

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The Pashtun leadership, whom we cannot name for reasons of their safety, told MyNation that they have complained to US President Donald Trump of the violations of agreement and misuse of F-16s and that they would also press for a UN-led inquiry into the matter to expose Pakistan. 

Talking to MyNation, Afghanistan-based Pashtun sympathiser and journalist Imtiaz Wazir said: "Holding Pakistan accountable for misuse of US F-16 against India is encouraging the move. To put the record straight, we the Pashtuns from the Federally Administered Tribal Agency and Swat also complain to US President Donald Trump against the misuse of US F-16 in our areas. A UN-led inquiry must be conducted."

"If the US F-16 were given to Pakistan for eradicating peace-loving and democratic Pashtuns in FATA and Swat, then it's okay. Pakistan has done it very well. If not, then demanding a UN inquiry into its misuse is our legitimate right and materializing it favorably, is the responsibility of the US," Wazir added.

Reports on Sunday also suggested that the US was already pushing the envelope to find facts about the use of F-16 against India. If found guilty of violating the terms of agreement pertaining to F-16, Pakistan could land in big trouble with Uncle Sam. 

US launched into verifying if their purchase agreement was violated by Pakistan after Indian Air Force (IAF) exposed Pakistan’s lie of not using the US-made F-16s and Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAAMs) for violating Indian airspace.

The US is checking if their assets were misused by Pakistan while carrying out attack on India. According to the US-Pakistan agreement on F-16s, these aircraft cannot be used by Pakistan for military offence against another country; they have to be used solely to hit terrorists.

The IAF has already shown concrete evidence of how Pakistan used American-made F-16s’ Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) missiles for planning an air-strike on Indian military establishments, which was thwarted by Indian jets. India has registered the unique digital signature of the jets in Indian airspace.

IAF also showed the parts of AMRAAM (AIM 120C) —-which can be used only in American F-16s of all the fighter jets Pakistan has — have been recovered from Indian territory.