Bengaluru: If sources are to be believed, then the Puducherry government, headed by V Narayanasamy, with wafer thin majority is under threat as operation lotus seems to have begun.           

According to sources, the party will follow the same method that it did in Karnataka in order to dislodge the V Narayanasamy government. Few MLAs from the ruling government are apparently in touch with Central BJP leaders and may withdraw support to the government. This will force Narayanasamy to prove majority, and he is expected to fail and eventually make way for the opposition party to stake claim to form government.

BJP nominated MLA V Saminathan said that there is a growing rift in the government which almost led to its collapse.

"There is a problem within the government. We hear a minister is also upset. We wanted to move a no-confidence motion. Last week there was an opportunity to see a new government being formed. Now there will be a session only in December," said V Saminathan.

However, Rajamanikyam, private secretary to the CM said that there was no internal rift in the party. He, however, agreed that few with vested interests wanted to create trouble for Narayanasamy.

The opposition:

The opposition in Puducherry is headed by former CM N Rangasamy. Soon after the election results in 2016, Rangasamy had to vacate his seat. DMK and Congress won 17 seats and All India NR Congress won 15 seats.

"There is an issue among the MLAs of the ruling government, but we don't know whether they would resign or not. The total strength of the house is 33 and a party needs 17 MLAs. The opposition has 14 members at present," said Rangasamy.

It is said that a prominent face from Karnataka BJP, and a strong voice at the Centre is the brains behind this new strategy to dislodge the Puducherry government. Although the party has only 3 nominated MLAs, its main agenda is to displace Congress wherever it is in power.