New Delhi: Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury on Thursday(September 5) said that the Congress is being branded as anti-national. While addressing a gathering, the Congress leader said that party leaders who sacrificed their lives fighting for India's freedom are branded as anti-nationals by the BJP.  He added that Congress lost the perception war due to this.

"Those leaders who fought for this country's freedom, who sacrificed their lives in the freedom struggle are being called anti-national. In this narrative, we are being branded as anti-national without realising it. We are being defeated in the battle of perception by the creation of this narrative. They are superimposing their thoughts into people. We are being called anti-national in our own country," Chowdhury said, according to Republic TV.

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As the Congress has been maintaining and anti-government stand with respect to most issues, and this has been the cause for the party losing its perception among the citizens, added Chowdhury.

In August, the same leader made a statement on the Central government and social media erupted with vexation. Chowdhury said in the Lok Sabha, “You (government) say that it is an internal matter. But it is being monitored since 1948 by the UN. Is that an internal matter? We signed Shimla Agreement and Lahore Declaration. Was that an internal matter or bilateral?"