Bengaluru: For human beings who are in the evening of their lives, help is essential. They need to be cared for, given assistance and helped to carry out their daily affairs. In simple words, it is called assisted living.
But how about animals, especially dogs? Well, dog is Man’s best friend. They just love being with you and expect nothing in return. And as dogs grow old, they too need assistance.
Well, we are taking about the veteran dogs of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police or ITBP.  These dogs would have served the paramilitary organisation for almost a decade. And once they retire, they need to lead the rest of their lives in a dignified manner. So the organisation will open a retirement home for them. Named the k9 Retirement Home, it is in Bhanu, near Panchkula.
Reports add that as many as 36 veteran dogs will be taken to this centre. They will lead the rest of their lives in a respectful manner.
These canines, the reports further add, have rendered service for almost a decade. Their service area also includes far-off places like Afghanistan, and in things like patrolling, counter-insurgency operations, anti-naxalite operations.
Incidentally, most of these dogs are in the age group of 10-12 years. Quoting qualified dog trainers in the armed forces, reports added that a dog’s service span lasts for 8 years, but all thanks to the diets these dogs are fed on, they have served in excess of 8 years.
Interestingly, the ministry of home affairs has okayed a proposal for the opening of such a retirement home for the dogs. The proposal should see the light of day in 8 months’ time.
An official who is privy to this information said, “At the retirement home, they will be looked after on a 70% ration scale. The idea is to protect the individual rights of these canines that have served with our troops under extreme inhospitable conditions.”

Times of India added that at Bhanu, these retiree dogs would also be used for training of veterinary personnel of ITBP and as unit mascot. ITBP is going to retire its 36 dogs, which includes 22 Labradors, 7 Belgian Shepherds and 7 German Shepherds.
It is really commendable on the part of ITBP and the Union home ministry that such an endeavour has been taken up. As revealed by the official himself, these dogs have rendered service in extremely inhospitable conditions. So in the last lap of their lives, it would be inhumane and cruel to live them on their own.
After all, they have also played a phenomenal role and they too need a dignified life.