Bengaluru: It is a burdensome task to get rid of expired tablets, syringes and injection vials. But to make good use of them is indeed phenomenal, isn’t it? 

Well, an artist from Assam has done just that. 

Sanjib Basak from Dhubri is the artist we are talking about. 

He has created a six-foot-tall Durga idol with these expired medical items. 


His endeavour in creating such an idol was to show solidarity with medical workers. 

"During lockdown, I had observed that people were queuing up outside pharmaceutical shops to buy essential medicines in bulk. It was then the idea struck me that I could be making Maa Durga's idol with medicine strips to mark the pandemic,” he told PTI. 

But he was skeptical in the beginning. 

"Initially, I was worried that I won't be able to make the idol this year due to work pressure and strict safety protocols. But I managed to create one with expired medicines. Paper, thermocol and board, among other things, were used to fix the medicine strips to a frame and create the idol," he said. 

You may be surprised to know that he took 5 long months and 40,000 strips to create this fantastic idol. 

Creativity surely has no ends! 

Dussehra is celebrated in India for a period of ten days. On the tenth day or Vijayadashami, celebrations are held to mark the slaying of the demon king Mahishasura by goddess Durga.