Bengaluru: The fund collection drive for the construction of a grand temple at Ayodhya is going on in full swing. 

Volunteers of the construction trust have been going around the country, appealing people to donate their might. 

We have seen how celebrities, business tycoons donate crores of rupees for the grand construction. One diamond in Gujarat donated Rs 11 crore, while a few businessmen in Hyderabad donated the same amount. 

In all, it is a global movement. 

Having said that, one must not jump to the conclusion that those who donate humongous sums are better and superior to those who donate smaller and modicum amounts. The sum and substance is to donate according to one’s abilities and not to put themselves in trouble as they contribute way beyond their capacities. 

A video that is doing the rounds on social media is of an 80-year-old woman is insisting that she gives Rs 20. 

But volunteers insist that she donate Rs 10 as the voucher is proportionate to it. 


Later, even as she sticks to her guns, she asks the volunteers to issue coupons in the name of her deceased son and one in her name itself. 
Earlier last week, President Ram Nath Kovind donated a sum of Rs 5 lakh towards the construction. 

An estimated amount of  Rs 1100 crore needs to be collected to meet the construction costs. The fund collection drive was started on January 14 and will go on till the last week of February 2021. 

It was in November 2019 that the Supreme Court of India decreed the land under litigation in favour of Hindus. 

Last year on August 5, Prime Minister Modi took part in the bhumi pujan, thus starting the construction work symbolically. The grand temple is expected to be completed in 36-40 months.