Bengaluru: By now, most of you would be aware of the Congress party’s farcical move to send a copy of the Constitution to the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi as it feels his government  has impinged various kinds of freedoms as enshrined in the Constitution. 

But ironically, and even as a reminder that can be termed “in your face” it is the Congress which has corrupted the Constitution many a time, including the Preamble. 

To those to whom this piece of news might sound alien, it was the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in the year 1976, with the help of the 42nd Amendment, who included the controversial words Socialist and Secular, which the principal architect of Indian Constitution Dr BR Ambedkar never introduced. 

A year earlier, in the year 1975, another amendment had been made to nullify the Allahabad High Court’s order of pulling up Indira Gandhi for her corrupt electoral processes. Through the amendment, which was rushed in the Indian Parliament and even state assemblies, she successfully thwarted any attempt for the judiciary to entertain any issues relating to election petitions.

Another interesting thing to note is how the Congress, which enjoys dominance for ruling the country the most number of times after independence, has amended the Constitution the most number of times, which stands at 80. 

So when it becomes a fad to read out the Preamble of the Constitution during anti-CAA protests, trying to educate the BJP about the core values, the Congress and it coterie are only reading out a corrupt version as against the pristine Preamble as envisioned by Dr Ambedkar. 

Pseudos have also openly batted against the amendments which have been and might be brought in by the Modi government. But as Indira Gandhi has herself done, the Preamble can also be amended. 

All these things said and done, one interesting thing to note is that the Preamble was inserted into the holy book only after the first draft was ready (probably 1949). So it is evident that the founding fathers had not brainstormed on the issue of Preamble when they sat for drafting in the initial stages, but only later.