Dubai: Eight Indians were killed in a bus accident in Dubai on Friday. The unfortunate event took place at Al Rashidiya exit towards the metro station. 

"We are sorry to inform that as per local authorities and relatives it is so far confirmed that 8 Indians have passed away in Dubai bus accident. Consulate is in touch with relatives of some of the deceased & awaits further details for others to inform their families," CGI Dubai wrote on Twitter.

CGI Dubai further tweeted: "The names of those who have passed away are: Mr. Rajagopalan, Mr. Feroz Khan Pathan, Mrs. Reshma Feroz Khan Pathan, Mr. Deepak Kumar, Mr. Jamaludeen Arakkaveettil, Mr. Kiran Johnny, Mr. Vasudev, Mr. Tilakram Jawahar Thakur."

The crash occurred after the driver misguided the vehicle into a lane that wasn’t meant for buses. The tourist bus crashed into a height barrier. 

It is reported that as many as 31 people from different nationalities were traveling on the bus. The bus had an Omani number plate. 

Four Indians were discharged after first aid and three are receiving treatment in Rashid hospital, according to CGI office.