Bengaluru: Considering the future threat spectrum and the 'combat overmatch' over the adversary, the government has intended to procure a total of 1770 new state-of-the-art 'technology enabled' tanks to operate in existing terrain configuration under varied temperature condition for the Indian Army.

These tanks will be procured to remain in service for the next 40-50 years as the 'Main Battle Tank' of the Indian Army.

The defence ministry has issued a Request For Information to seek information from the foreign original equipment manufacturers for participation in the Future Ready Combat Vehicle project.

The fresh RFI was issued after the ministry cancelled the previous one, which was issued in November 2017, stating that it was technologically outdated. The last date of acceptance of receipt of response on the new RFI is September 15, 2021.

As per the plan, these FRCVs will be inducted into the Indian Army stable in a phased manner by 2030. 

"Now, with the rapid pace in technology, there are 'new' threats to the 'tank' from the aerial dimension with UCAVs, Loitering Munitions, etc. The improvement in ISR has also made the targeting of land forces, including the 'tank' easier. The battlefield now requires all forces to operate in a synergetic and networked environment," the RFI said.

As per the RFI, "the future tank has to be in sync with technological battlefield advancements and needs to once again upgrade and; incorporate systems to negate Intelligence-surveillance-reconnaissance (ISR) systems, counter the new threats and enhance the operational performance using technology and ensure the victory of the land forces in any conflict."

The FRCV platform will be procured under the 'strategic partnership' route within the provision of Defence Acquisition Procedure-2020.

Only foreign companies can participate in this project.