Bengaluru: It surely seems like Sonia Gandhi has learnt the bitter truth. 

After she gave her consent for HD Kumaraswamy becoming the CM of a coalition government in Karnataka (JD(S) and Congress formed the coalition) last year, the local leaders here lost confidence in each other, ultimately leading to its downfall. 

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Now, in what seems to be a redux of the Karnataka political scenario in Maharashtra, Sonia Gandhi is learnt to have told Sharad Pawar that she does not want Maharashtra to be another Karnataka. 
The top leaders had met on Monday (November 18) but did not discuss anything on government formation in Maharashtra. 

Today, the two leaders met up and had a detailed discussion on the issue. 

Meanwhile, former Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy took a dig at the Congress for a possible tie-up with Shiva Sena. He is learnt to have said that BJP resorts to soft Hindutva while Sena resorts to hard Hindutva. He also referred to his coalition government as 1 by 2 politics while saying that Congress is resorting to 1 by 3 politics in Maharashtra. 

However, it is pertinent to note that there are aggrieved feelings among Shiva Sena members that tying up with Congress will not bode well for them. 

But the Congress is still hopeful of stitching an alliance. Congress spokespersons, when confronted with the question of how Congress could join hands with the Shiva Sena, say that the Shiva Sena of the earlier times is different from the Shiva Sena of today. 

Presently, as President’s rule is in vogue in Maharashtra, the three parties are struggling to come to terms in relation to government formation. 

As the logjam continues, BJP has made it clear that it would not join hands with the Shiva Sena and not dance to its whims and fancies.