The National Testing Agency (NTA) announced the results of the NEET UG 2024 exams on June 4, amid which controversies and accusations have risen. Several aspirants, parents, and academic professionals have been claiming that the papers were leaked at certain examination centers, leading to unjust results and "inflation of marks."

The Supreme Court is demanding answers from the NTA and amid all this stressful scene, a 12th-class mark sheet of a NEET aspirant is going viral. The 12th mark sheet depicts that the student allegedly failed in Physics and Chemistry, however she scored 705 marks in NEET UG exams. 

The post read, "A person who got 705 marks in NEET exam failed in Physics/Chemistry Give justice to NEET aspirants"



The viral mark sheet shows 21 out of 100 in physics theory and 33 out of 100 in chemistry theory. The post has several comments from users across the nation expressing their displeasure with the situation. 

One user wrote, "This indicates that the sanctity of NEET exam is highly compromised. NEET scores are given in exchange of money. These doctors will treat us in future. Thik it. High level officers of NTA are involved. Role of the DG of NTA is under question mark."

Another user wrote, "Hello you raise the concern with Authorities. why you are sharing details and photo of students in social media. Even you know student ..this is not correct way. Do remove pic and personal details of the student."

Many people defended the student; one person wrote, "It is very much possible that due to unforeseen circumstances her boards results wasn't what she expected. Or maybe she prepared for NEET after boards (not impossible)."

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