Hollywood star Robert Dowey Jr has revealed that his Instagram account was hacked and has now been restored.

The "Iron Man" star on Friday had asked his fans to steer clear from any posts being made on his page for a time being"I'm sorry to say my Instagram has been compromised... Please steer clear for the time being until it's sorted. Thank you all. I love you 3000," Downey Jr had posted on Twitter.

The 54-year-old actor's account was hacked on Friday and the posts shared included ads for free iPhones, Playstation, and Amazon gift cards.

On Saturday, Downey Jr announced that he has regained access to his Instagram page.

The actor shared a picture of the titular villain of "Avengers: Age of Ultron", which read "Pardon my interruption..." 

Siimilarly, a few days ago, the Instagram account of actor Jason Momoa got hacked. Going by the two incidents, it looks like the hacker(s) are targeting the Hollywood stars, who are currently the most popular figures across the world.