The previous episode of Game of Thrones gave fans a major shock. Whether it was the death of Missandei or Jamie’s break-up with Brienne and of course, the death of Rhaegal, what left the fans confused was why did Jon not say goodbye to Ghost?

So, let us break the mystery for you. Direwolves have always been a major part of the show since the first episode. It is also the symbol of House Stark and it defines the house very well. Direwolves live in the north, are fierce fighters, and are loyal to their own, just like the Starks.

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In the very first episode of the series, the Stark family finds 5 pups in the woods whose mother was killed by a stag, which is also the symbol of House Baratheon. The scene was quite symbolic to Ned Stark’s execution. Also, Theon wanted to kill the pups when they were found, and later in the series betrayed the Starks.

Jon who was considered as Ned’s bastard makes a fair point, “There are five pups, one each for the Stark children, and direwolf is the sigil of your house. We were meant to have them”, and with this he managed to convince Ned Stark regarding the adoption of pups.

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What happens with the direwolves in the series has always represented something. Sansa’s direwolf Lady was killed on the show when Sansa abandoned the Northern part of herself and was in love with Joffrey. Bran’s direwolf was killed when he became the three-eyed raven. Arya forced Nymeria to leave and save itself from death in King’s Landing; exactly what Arya does later. Robb’s direwolf was killed in the Red Wedding just like Robb. Also, Shaggy who is Rickon’s direwolf is killed shortly before Rickon’s death.


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Ghost in many ways is like Jon. He was almost forgotten until Jon sees it and takes it as his own. The reason he sends Ghost away with Tormund is because Jon knows he is not truly from the north or the south. He leaves for King’s Landing and sends Ghost away which might represent that he is going to accept his southern self. Also, he now has his own fancy pet - the dragon, which is also the name of Jon’s father.

By leaving for the South he gives Sansa, a true Stark the opportunity to rule the north and free the north from the lie he’s been living for years.

Until then - For the Throne!

(Compiled by - Manisha Shewaramani)