Malaika, 44 and Sushmita, 42 may be out of the limelight, but they definitely are not out of shape. They regularly share videos and pictures of their gym sessions. Both are in their forties, but they have maintained their stunning figure and set the fitness bar high, and turning hotter year by year. 



““I love #holidays but what I love even more is getting #ready to head back to work..rested, #rejuvenated & raring to go!!!”👊❤️😉 back to #discipline #beastmode #dayone 💪💋#dubai #mmuuaahh.” (SIC) Sush writes along with one of her many regular fitness posts on Instagram. She has a followership of 2.6 Million fans.


"Some #midweekmotivation ...... staying fit makes me feel happy,motivated ,energetic n all things positive .i like to push n challenge myself,jus to be a better version of me.doin this requires a lot of strength n concentration.thank u @namratapurohit for pushing me n these pics😘😘#shadowplay" (SIC) wrote Malaika after sharing a fitness work out picture. 

Currently, Malaika is busy with many endorsements, her own fashion line and TV reality shows. Susmita is spending quality time with her daughters in The USA.