Telugu actress Sri Reddy, who has created a stir in the media, is now back in the news after #MeToo got intensified. She has joined the movement with a fresh allegation. Reddy alleged that TRS MLA Jeevan Reddy showed his personal gun and took drugs in front of her.

The actress took to Facebook to make the allegations against Jeevan Reddy. In her comment, she said that there is no politics involved in her charges. She also added that the TRS leader is a womaniser and that he always had his permanent room in Hotel Park Hayat.

Sri Reddy wrote, "I know trs government wl say it is a political drama..but few months onwards I am keep on posting in my f.b, to the kcr Garu that ,if I open my mouth in your government lot of people wl come out on sexual harassment I said already..thatz the only reason pawan kalyan through they mashed my me too wl not die ktr Garu till harrassment dies..go to my old posts nd check..i am not blaming whole trs party on this.. m.l.a jeevan reddy is a womanizer..he used to have a permanent rooms nd a villa in hotel park hayat..he showed me his personal gun also nd he took drugs in front of me..more than a m.l.a he is a big pimp for big heads.. if they wanted to take revange on me, I know how easy it is..I am scared,but still #metoo (SIC)"

Talking about her protest, Sri Reddy continued, "I don't know how telugu media wl react,(few channels after using me for their trp,they tried to close this me too movement, bcz of the bigwigs force,any how that was an useless effort,top on that,they started blaming me,seriously value less channels).. if media and intelligence can work together on that park hayat sad stories ,everything wl come out..(SIC)"

Sri Reddy added, "Jeevan reddy is not fit for be a public servant.. he is a ladies meat lover..he is a habitual of taking drugs too(addicted)..trs has to keep truthful enquiry on this matter..I wl cooperate.. I hope trs government wl not plan any revange things on me,I dnow how much safe I am..(SIC)"

Sri Reddy is one of the first ones to start the protest against sexual harassment in the workplace. 

While media supported her fight, some influential people dubbed it as a publicity stunt and tried to silence her. She is thrilled to see thousands of women across India joining the #MeToo movement and sharing their horror stories.

Sri Reddy wrote on Facebook on October 10, "Good morning..Thanks to each n every woman who are participating in me too movement..I expected this wl happened one day..every one should appreciate the women guts..when I started me too movement, society nd colleagues nd family every one treated me so awful nd awkward,even telugu media its became a revolution from the women world..more than that when I talked about this, single south Indian actress didnt support this..after Bollywood opened the doors for the sexual harassment big heroines started supporting,any how it's a good move.. #metoo.. (SIC)"

Sri Reddy also praised Chinmayi when she came forward to share her 'MeToo' story. She thanked Chinmayi to partake in this movement, and added that everyone should appreciate her (Chinmayi).