Looks like the Rakhi Sawant-Tanushree Dutta feud will not be settling down any time soon. Days after Sawant was knocked down in the wrestling ring and proceeded to blame Tanushree Dutta for it, Dutta has responded with her own what-the-hey comeback.

Angry that Sawant was receiving sympathy from Christian priests about her injury, Tanushree hit back at Rakhi with a long statement:

“Today my faith has been broken. My spiritual journey started in 2009 with a vision of Jesus Christ, and henceforth I experienced different religions, yoga, meditation and Buddhism, Scientology, Islam etc but I always held my faith in God through Jesus in the highest esteem, I never wanted to be a religious person but rather I had a spiritual bent of mind and hence whenever there was an opportunity to learn something new I took it. I believed God loved me and I believed Jesus loved me. Today I see a liar like Rakhi Sawant being prayed for by priests after her injury. Couldn't they also reprimand her for bearing false testimony?? Is this what they teach you in church?? To say horrible things about someone just because you don't agree to what they stand for..to attack people?? to speak s**t about ppl for your own gains?? To lie blatantly?? I hear her talk about her Christian faith. And I along with the whole country heard her mouth vile, vicious, damming lies about me in full public display without any remorse or fear of God. She wanted to silence me from the #metoo while getting some mileage and providing laugh-worthy entertainment. She could not achieve my silence, but she has achieved what I thought was unachievable..to break my faith in Jesus. I declare today that I will never step foot inside a church ever again untill Rakhi Sawant confesses to her lies about me and apologises in Public. You become what you worship and if Rakhi can lie through her teeth and profess being a believer in Christ then perhaps her Jesus must be a liar too!! I'm glad I didn't get baptised when I had a chance. It would be like marrying someone who allows liars, cheats and mudslingers, so-called churchgoers to throw venom at you all the while telling you that he loves you. Jesus, you have disappointed me..It's either Rakhi or me. Choose!! (sic),” Tanushree wrote.

Their feud began when Dutta went public with sexual harassment allegations against actor Nana Patekar and Sawant sided with Patekar. The latter also claimed that Dutta has 'raped' her. After the duo filed charges against each other, the matter seemed to have died down. 

However, a few days ago Rakhi Sawant was injured during her dance performance when American wrestler Rebel slammed her in the ring. The video of the incident has gone viral. 


Sawant blamed Tanushree Dutta for the mishap. "I am not well, I was at the Great Khali Show, doing my dance performance when a crazy female wrestler from America named Rebel picked me up and slammed me on the floor. I got injured, my back, fractured my body parts, my tailbone has also been affected by the incident," Rakhi told MyNation.

Later, she shared a video of a pastor coming to heal her by chanting a verse from the Bible. The video seems to have angered Tanushree leading to the outburst. 


I'm waking thanks to God have posted this video last night it's showing now God help. Me

A post shared by Rakhi Sawant (@rakhisawant2511) on Nov 14, 2018 at 4:38am PST