Since last week, Tanushree Dutta and Nana Patekar's news is grabbing the headlines after the actress kicked up a storm claiming that Patekar harassed her on the sets of the film Horn Ok Pleassss in 2008.

She accused Patekar of trying to touch her inappropriately while shooting for a dance sequence. In an interview, she recalled how her vanity van and her car were attacked by goons which left her traumatised.

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In the video, we can clearly see Tanushree's car getting vandalised by a mob while she is still sitting inside, along with her driver. The attack took place after she walked out of the song with Patekar, objecting to alleged lewd steps that were suddenly introduced.

Some goons can be seen attacking Tanushree's car, smashing the windshield and deflating the tyres of her vehicle.

In the footage, we can see that police arriving at the spot and arresting the goons and controlling the situation.

Entertainment journalist Janice Sequeira, who used to work for Aaj Tak, on her Twitter account, wrote, "Out of nowhere, goons turned up and began banging against the vanity van door. I was told the producers had called them to the sets. Cops arrived. Amidst this chaos, I got hold of #NanaPatekar. All he said was, ‘Meri beti jaisi hai’ (She is like my daughter), which didn't really make any sense at that point.”

"Eventually, Tanushree's parents arrived to pick her up. Her car was attacked, the windshield broken. I tried to get in touch with Tanushree to get her version of events. Around midnight, she asked me to come to her place. In tears, she narrated what really happened," she added.

This video posted by NewsMo is a testimony of what happened on that fateful day which Bollywood popular choreographer Ganesh Acharya had denied initially in his statement.

Another eyewitness, actress Daisy Shah, was the assistant of choreographer Acharya at the time but never spoke about anything until now.

"I totally support Tanushree Dutta. There must be a lava inside her that must have burst and why not," Daisy was quoted as saying by Bollywood Hungama.

She added, "Tanushree must have been touched in a wrong way or...Nobody will want to talk about all these things. I mean it's not a good thing. Why would anybody want to talk about sexual harassment that person has gone through and that too after a decade. After this step that Tanushree Dutta has taken, there might be more women who want to talk about this and this will give them courage."

Daisy used to go to Tanushree and instruct her about dance moves on behalf of Acharya. But Tanushree doesn't hold Daisy accountable for not speaking out despite being an eyewitness to the 2008 episode.

Watch Daisy Shah talk about what happened between Tanushree Dutta and Nana Patekar: