A few weeks ago, Rakhi Sawant levelled allegations against Tanushree Dutta by saying that she is a lesbian, attends rave parties and takes drugs.

She also said that Tanushree touched her private parts intentionally and raped her on multiple occasions a decade ago.

Later, in an interview with Zoom TV, an angry Tanushree hit back at Rakhi by saying that she's not a lesbian and stated that everything Rakhi said is a lie.


Also, during the interview, the actress said that there are strong rumours that Rakhi is ‘a transgender’ and many people in the industry already know about it.

Tanushree also dug up the controversial actress's current financial situation and her involvement in casting couch.

She said, "I usually don't pay heed to such kind of nonsense. Over the past one week, whatever information I have received about Rakhi Sawant say that all her properties have been mortgaged, some fraudster wiped out all of her money and made her penniless, her US visa has got rejected so now she couldn't go and work over there either.”

“There are strong rumours in the industry that you (Rakhi) are a transgender. People know that you are a transgender woman. And in your old interviews and videos, you have admitted your involvement in the casting couch. You've even said that if someone gives you a job, you are willing to do casting couch as well. This is your truth Rakhi. Today, you are now draping yourself in a saree, giving interviews against me and slinging mud at me? Why don't you do some introspection and see what you really are and what all you've done in your life?" Tanushree told Zoom TV.

Having watched Rakhi's recent interviews, Tanushree said that she doesn't hate her but 

"I don't hate her. I have compassion for her because she has been so misguided in life. Her mentality, her thought process has got so much tangled that now she couldn't even distinguish between right and wrong. You are damaging yourself more than you are damaging me. You are saying anything and whatever that is coming to your mouth. I am not getting damaged. My family knows about me. They have given birth to me and they know what I am," Tanushree said.

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