Leena wrote about her ordeal in detail on her Facebook page about the incident and said how she was forced by the Tamil director Susi during their car journey.


She had shared her story last year when a Malayalam actress was abducted and assaulted. However, she had not named anyone back then. Now, she has reposted the same and named Susi on her Facebook page.

Leena Manimekalai said that in 2005, after an interview with Susi, she waited outside the studio for an auto-rickshaw and the filmmaker invited her to get into his car so that he can drop her on the way. However, Susi is said to have snatched her mobile and threw it somewhere in the car.

"I am gathering courage to write more of my experiences. Let me start with this. The film director who locked me up in the car when I started as a television anchor is Susi Ganesan. Hope more voices join me to be heard. #metoo Post One. Sharing one of the posts I wrote two years ago provoked by what happened to a lead female actor in malayalam industry (sic)," Leena wrote in her latest Facebook post.

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Responding to Leena’s allegations, Susi has denied them and said that this is a “disgusting move” by her to malign his image in the film industry.

In a long post on his Facebook page, Susi lashed out at Leena for her accusations and said that he is supportive of the #MeToo movement. The Thiruttu Payale director also said that he has proof to prove his innocence and will initiate action against her.

He also said that he will file a criminal defamation suit against her if she does not post an apology on her social media page as soon as possible.