Mumbai: Taapsee Pannu, on a talk show, recently stated the qualities she’s looking for in a person whom she can marry.

The Sand Ki Aankh actress said she is looking for an honest person. She is not interested in anyone who has a godfather who helped the man grow in his career.

Taapsee also stated, "I am a self-made person. Whatever I am today, it is because of my hard work. I don't have any godfathers here in the industry. So, I want to marry someone who has reached a good position by working hard and not with someone else's money, sacrifice or by cheating someone."

Thus, she wants someone who has achieved heights from hard work without using someone else as a crutch.

Taapsee Pannu is known for not compromising when it comes to picking movies to work on. Her first preference is the story and her character in it. She is known as a star who changed the definition of a heroine by taking on challenging and women-centric roles in movies.

Taapsee wants to be real in her real life and that's why she wants a person who understands the difficulties of life and has passed them on his own.