Sushmita Sen has once again captivated public attention with her candid revelations about her approach to love and relationships. In a recent interview with Indulge, the actress emphasized her belief in living authentically and fearlessly, asserting that her personal life, including her sexual experiences, has never been concealed from the public eye.

Sen's transparency stems from her commitment to dignity, which she views as an integral part of her identity that permeates every aspect of her life. She firmly stated, "Dignity is something that doesn’t just show up in one aspect of your life — it is who you are." This ethos underpins her willingness to openly discuss heartbreak, the potential for amicable relationships with ex-partners, and her openness to the prospect of marriage.

Addressing the possibility of maintaining friendships with former romantic partners, Sen expressed optimism tempered with acknowledgment of the challenges involved. She acknowledged that while it can be difficult to navigate, she has witnessed and experienced successful friendships with exes. Similarly, she adopted a pragmatic yet hopeful stance on marriage, emphasizing that the right person, rather than external pressures like societal expectations or biological factors, would be the determining factor in her decision to marry.

Sen's romantic history, including relationships with actor Randeep Hooda from 2004 to 2006 and model Rohman Shawl from 2018 to 2021, has frequently been the subject of public scrutiny. Recent public appearances have sparked speculation about a potential rekindling of her romance with Shawl.

Additionally, Sen's brief association with billionaire and IPL founder Lalit Modi in July 2022 drew considerable attention. In a subsequent interview with Mid-Day in 2023, she dismissed derogatory labels and fleeting nature of the relationship, asserting her agency and autonomy in her personal affairs.

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Amidst her personal life's ups and downs, Sen continues to shine professionally, recently captivating audiences with her compelling portrayal of a resilient mother in Aarya Season 3 Part 1. The series garnered critical acclaim, with the first season even receiving a nomination for 'Best Drama' at the International Emmy Awards.