Mumbai: Whether you are short in height or are not fair enough, or are unhappy about something in your being then don’t be because Shah Rukh Khan has a piece of advice for you.

“Nobody is perfect either emotionally, mentally or physically. I think we should accept that so that we don’t waste time trying to be someone else while life passes by. You should think this is the best I can be. Instead of thinking it as incompleteness you should think of it as a uniqueness. If I am short in height, that’s a unique thing. I cannot grow tall, thin or fair. So, let’s enjoy this one life that God has given us,” he says. 

SRK’s Christmas release Zero shows him in the avatar of a vertically challenged person Bauua Singh. However, Khan is not ready to call this role as 'experimental'. While interacting with MyNation, the superstar said, “Not experimental, to be honest, this is a character with just a physical difference. It is as much as growing a moustache!”

Zero is a complete number in itself. Does Shah Rukh Khan feel complete as an actor or as a person? The 53-year-old actor said, “I’ve never felt complete. As an artist, I am very incomplete and I know that. And if I am not then I will not like to work. Why would I wake up in the morning, work hard and still try to do something? To be honest, if you say you are complete, then you are boring.”

His last few films have not made an impressive performance at the box office. Is it difficult to please the audience of today? “I don’t know!” said Shah Rukh, adding, “Sometimes people like films which you don’t think is great, sometimes they don’t like films which you think are very well.”

As his daughter, Suhana, already making her presence known in the entertainment industry, is a Bollywood debut in the offing? Well, not so fast, the actor says.
“She wants to act as I have said before. But she needs to train for 3-4 years. She is doing some plays and theatre in London now. I think ground experience is good for actors or in any other job but you also need to finish your education. In India, we don’t learn acting, we just assume that we are talented. If you drive very fast, doesn’t mean that you will become a formula one driver, you have to learn that kind of driving. I want her to have formal training for acting, stage, theatre etc. That makes a difference.”

The superstar has completed 25 years in Bollywood and happiness of his art is the only thing that matters to him now, confessed King Khan. He said, “After 25 years of working, I think the only reason you should work is for the happiness of your art. If I cross anything, I think of it as a milestone, I think of what is next, but I never plan for it. I don’t have an idea how much should I earn, how many awards should I have, how many hit films should I make. I think it is very organic. If you work in films for as long as I have, specifics become less important. I am loving doing the films that I am doing because I am not looking for an end in it, I am just very happy.”

Even after completing 25 years in the industry, SRK feels he still needs to improve as an actor of commercial cinema. He said, “Unfortunately, we sometimes reduce commercial acting to singing, dancing, fights etc. I don’t look down upon it. But as I am growing, I am feeling I wish I knew earlier that there is so much more. I can't better what I have done before but I can do a lot better now as an actor.”

Is there anything left to achieve as Shah Rukh Khan? The question took the actor to a trip down the memory lane as he recalled, “When I came in the beginning, most of the journalists thought that I was very rude and arrogant. I was not arrogant, I had lack of knowledge of the art or craft of acting. If you know very little about something, you assume that to be correct because you don’t know how elaborate it is, it has so many things. So, over 25 years I realised a lot of things. When I knew very less, I said a lot of things but now that I know more, I have realised there is how much more to know. It is a very huge subject for an actor and there are a very few years or maybe hours left.”