Ghoul, Netflix India’s first horror miniseries, spooked New Delhi with an exclusive screening at Jagran Film Festival a day before its worldwide release. Starring actor Radhika Apte, from the widely appreciated Lust Stories and Sacred Games and actor Manav Kaul from Tumhari Sulu, the series is all set to be a spine-chilling watch. 

An Indo-American co-production, Ghoul is a chilling three-part series set in a futuristic, remote military interrogation centre where Nida Rahim, played by Radhika Apte, has to draw out a confession from one of the most wanted and feared terrorists at the time. What seems usual, becomes unusual when the prisoner turns the table on his interrogators by exposing their secrets in a way that makes them realize that they’re dealing with a deadly, supernatural threat. 

While the film has received meh reviews from film critics who attended this special screening, it remains yet to be seen whether Apte will be able to contain her winning Netflix streak after Lust Stories and Sacred Games, and will Ghoul return with the second season.