Chennai: Tamil actor, popularly known as Lady Superstar, Nayanthara has issued a statement shutting down actor Radha Ravi’s misogynistic comments. Nayanthara has asserted she will continue to act all sorts of roles and it is people like Radha Ravi, who need to get a hold of things.

The two-page statement that Nayanthara has released condemns Radha Ravi for his comments against her and even calls him a misogynist.

Radha Ravi was speaking at the trailer launch of Nayanthara’s film Kolaiyuthir Kaalam last week when he made derogatory remarks against her.

In a casual tone, Radha Ravi sarcastically commented that these days actors, who essay roles of lovers, are also essaying roles of goddesses like Sita.

This statement comes as a jibe at Nayanthara herself after she played the role of Sita in one of her films.

Nayanthara further stated that she will continue to do various roles, with the sole focus of providing quality entertainment to her fans.

In her statement, Nayanthara slammed Radha Ravi for setting a bad example to the society, despite being such a seasoned actor in the industry.

Nayanthara also questioned the judgement of the audience at the event, who applauded Radha Ravi's sexist remarks.

She further wrote asking the Nadigar Sangam (Actors’ Association) when they plan to constitute an Internal Complaints Committee as per the Vishakha Guidelines.

Nayanthara also mentioned her gratitude to DMK chief MK Stalin and Kanimozhi who took active steps in suspending Radha Ravi for his distasteful remarks.

Radha Ravi had said, “Nayanthara acts as a ghost, and then she goes on to act as Sita as well. She acts as Sita! Earlier, to play the role of a goddess, they would look for an actor like KR Vijaya. Now, anyone can be cast to play a goddess. They can cast people whom you want to pray to when you look at them, and whom you may want to call towards you when you see them!”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Radha Ravi also made crass remarks at the Pollachi sexual assault case - one that shocked the entire state and the nation.

“What is the difference between a big film and a small film? If you rape one girl at once, it is a small film. If you rape 40 people at once, like in Pollachi, it is a big film,” said Radha Ravi.