Mumbai: The actress has released a statement which reads, “There is a false rumour floating in the Media that Nana Patekar has been given clean chit by Police in harassment case. I wish to clarify that the Mumbai police have given no such statement and that the investigation on the matter is still ongoing as confirmed by my advocate Nitin Satpute and the Mumbai Police. Mr Satpute will be holding a press conference on my behalf in Mumbai very soon and give clarity on the proceedings of the case.”

She alleged that Nana Patekar’s PR team is spreading such ‘false rumours’ because he is not getting any work in the industry and urged the media not to jump to conclusions and double check facts before writing the news. Her statement reads, “We have come to know that Nana Patekar’s public relations team is responsible for spreading this false rumour because the accused in harassment cases are not getting any work in the industry and this is their attempt at damage control and fixing public image. I urge the media and public to not jump to conclusions based on heresy and to please check facts doubly before printing as there is too much misinformation being spread and the public needs to know the truth on the matter.”

The pioneer of #MeToo movement also alleged that “constant threat calls from Nana’s people” have delayed the process of investigation as witnesses have been unable to record their statements. She also claimed that ‘fake witnesses’ are being presented for misleading the investigation. “It is true that the investigation has been slow due to constant threat calls from Nana’s people received by many key witnesses from our side who have been unable to record their statement due to fear and intimidation. False witnesses have been presented in their place to mislead the investigation. Calls have been coming to witnesses from all kinds of sources to discourage them from telling the truth. Under such circumstances what manner of investigation or justice is possible? But I still have hope that no matter how long it takes I can expect to see Nana Patekar, choreographer Ganesh Acharya, Producer Sami Siddique and Director Rakesh Sawant behind bars for orchestrating the harassment and mob attack on me and my family in our car.”

Explaining why she stayed away from the industry for so long, the ‘Horn Ok Pleassss’ actress said that she is smelling foul play in the matter and wants “an eye for an eye and a decade for a decade”.

“How can the cops give a clean chit to one person when my FIR was filed against four people? So, there is major foul play going on here with all sorts of lies being spread by Nana’s team. To these four I want to say..10 years I stayed away from the industry because of the trauma of the mob attack, the harassment and the public humiliation you put me through, I will not let you get off the hook so easily. Let the sword of jail and public scrutiny hang over your heads at least a decade till you are brought to your knees in humility and repentance!! An eye for an eye and a decade for a decade unless you are forgiven by grace. You will repent and ask for forgiveness until then I'm not dropping this case. Let it go on for as long as it can. I have time on my side!”