Famous for works like Tu to gayo, Mohan na Monkeys, Patel Vs Patrik, Avuj Rehshe, Papa tamne nai samjay, and Order order out of order, Rahul Munjariya has paved a long way out of the Gujarat entertainment industry. Not just composing music, Rahul has even come up with more than 200 single albums including Vahlamiya, Atma ni odakh, and Sadguru amongst many others. The Gujarati musician's inclination towards music has been since childhood and thus he always wanted to make a significant mark in the music industry. With successful musical hits in his career, the musician recently released his much anticipated project "Pardesiya" with Geetaben Rabari.

Composed by Rahul Munjariya and sung by Geetaben Rabari, the new song "Pardesiya '' released under Sursagar music label. It is a romantic song directed by Dhwami Guatam, depicting a brewing romance between a photographer and a driver. Anshul Trivedi and the team's new launch Priya Bhattacharya have played the leads in the song. Beautifully shot in the city of Dwarka, the song also pays a tribute to "Kishanji''.

Rahul's incredible work based in Dhollywood has paved his way to the Bollywood industry as well. He earlier worked as a music composer and original background score in films like Kesariya, Raado and Locha Lapsi. He is also reported to be engaged in more such collaborations with Bollywood currently. Other than his upcoming work Tani, he is known to be working on three new Gujarati and Hindi songs, the names are yet to be revealed.

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