Mumbai: Not everything you see is the way that it seems - Mumbai Police learnt this life lesson the hard way. The Twitter page for the police called out actors Sonam Kapoor and Dulquer Salmaan on Twitter for drive unsafely after watching a scene from their upcoming film.

A clip from their upcoming flick The Zoya Factor, shows Salmaan apparently driving the car without using the steering wheel and using his mobile phone. Meanwhile, Kapoor is calling him a ‘weirdo’ in the background. The police tweeted the clip and said that the duo was endangering the lives of fellow drivers. Take a dekko:

 Turns out, they had it all wrong. Sonam stepped in with a clap back saying that the car was rigged on a truck and that they would show 'the same interest in regular folk as well'. However, her use of the word of 'regular folk' aka non-celeb people rubbed many the wrong way. Some Twitteratti even termed it 'elitist'. Nevertheless, Mumbai Police was left feeling quite sheepish. 

Even South Indian actor Dulquer Salmaan did not take kindly to being called a 'weirdo' by the police either as he also Tweeted a strong reply to the goof-up with the hashtag #notaweirdo. In fact, he even revealed the plot twist that Mumbai Police had, in fact, helped the cast with permissions and traffic management during the shoot and were present the whole time. Looks like, the hashtag #bezaticomplete is ideal for the situation.

 Salmaan even shared a video of the steering wheel moving on its own to support his claim. Following this, users started trolling the Mumbai Police Twitter account for not knowing how such shoots were carried out despite governing law and order in the land of Bollywood. 

This is not the first time the police's Twitter account has been trolled. Their tweet on lane driving also got trolled mercilessly after netizens started asking them about Mumbai’s potholes. 

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