Mumbai: While celebrities do inspire many makeup tutorials to let their fans look just like them, they are also often trolled for their 'too perfect' appearance.

Actor Kiara Advani learnt it the hard way when she took to Instagram story to share her photograph. While the outfit and makeup was on-point, netizens could not help but notice the actor's cheeks that looked fuller than usual. Within minutes the post was flooded with comments such as ‘Surgery gone wrong’, ‘cheek job not on point’ and more.

The actor blamed her biryani dinner for the bloat and even clapped back at trolls but to no avail.

Celebrity cosmetologist Dr Monica Kapoor clears the air. Her verdict, “If you observe a little difference in her facial features, it’s not necessary that she has undergone a plastic surgery or cosmetic treatment." She adds, “In the first place, I don’t see any reason for her to undergo a surgery. She is naturally very beautiful. Having said that, there is remote possibility that she has got dermal fillers for cheek enhancement and lift. And undoubtedly it isn’t looking awful.”

Kapoor also urged, “If u are naturally gifted with beautiful looks, never go for any major facial changes. Plastic surgery or cosmetic treatment is an option only if it is adding to your beauty or is mandatory due to some specific reason. Otherwise, nowadays we have different nonsurgical facial enhancement techniques for slight to moderate facial enhancement. Opt for those to avoid some blunders. Also, make sure you wisely choose the treatment and the doctor for the same.”